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Who We Are and What We Do
Techsoft Development LLC is a company based in Durham North Carolina and specializes in developing spreadsheets based on Microsoft Office Excel. We will work with you on a personal basis  and produce creative and useful Excel projects tailored to your specific needs.  Techsoft Development prides itself in creating Excel projects that are not only useful but easy to use.  Documentation is available for users who need easy to follow written manuals.

What is Microsoft Excel and What Can It Do?
Microsoft Excel is a powerful and versatile spreadsheet program that dates back to 1985 and has been the industry standard for spreadsheets for many years.  It is a program that can be used for a number of purposes but is generally used for simple databases on the one end up to highly complex computational uses as for accounting, finance, engineering, and statistics.  There are over 400 functions and formulas that can be used with Excel and the combinations are nearly endless.  

Many use Excel for databases and it has a large number of text, date, sorting, table, and filtering functions that are perfect for a lot of database work.  For numerical computational work as is needed for accounting, finance, engineering, and statistics, Excel can be used to compensate for any needs not met with other software packages since Excel spreadsheets can be created and modified so easily.

Major Areas of Use:

  • Databases
  • Data Analysis
  • Accounting
  • Financial Analysis
  • Business Statistics
  • Engineering
  • Medical
  • Research
  • Personal Budgeting
  • ... And Many More !


General Excel Functions

A simple database list:

As mentioned before, Excel can be used for databases.  They are sometimes simple lists which are often created over several spreadsheet pages and may or may not be related.  The information can be sorted in different orders, be filtered to show only certain types of information, computations can be made, and it all can be printed and easily readable even with hundreds of pages or more. Excel has some functions as the INDEX/MATCH function combination that can be used to do a good job of retrieving information from different tables of information much  like a relational database program can as Access or Oracle.  There are a large number of date, text, and database functions that can be used to manipulate and retrieve information.

Sample Computational Spreadsheet - Budgeting:

With many spreadsheets as the budgeting one above, simple mathematical functions as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division are all that are needed but if advanced math is needed, formulas can be created that will be analogous to algebra and trigonometry, statistics and other advanced math.  Excel has hundreds of built-in functions including ones for  trigonometry and statistics and others and can be used in many different combinations.

Charts and Diagrams
Excel has excellent charting capabilities with a large variety that can be used to graphically represent your data.  Some examples:

Bar Chart

Line Chart

Pie Chart

Sorting and Filtering Information
When information is set up as a table in rows and columns of information, it is often desirable to list only certain types of data such as only data from the state of North Carolina or specific customers.  Data may also be needed to be listed in a particular order as from A to Z, or Z to A or by ascending dates.  This is easily done in Excel.  Different combinations of sorting and filtering can be done to narrow down only the data you want to see.

Unsorted / Unfiltered Table

The table above does not have any particular order to the listings other than the customer, date, and sales categories.  The data is not listed in alphabetical order or by ascending date.  With only a few clicks it can be easily sorted by the customer and then by ascending date as this:

If you also want to see only the data from a certain customer, it is also very easy to do so.

Pivot Tables
Certain type of tables can be changed into pivot tables which are very useful in arranging tables into various formats to change the way you see the data and make calculations. They are used primarily to change the row information into column information and vice versa and then sort and filter the data as you need.

Example:  original pivot table

Pivot table filtered to show only one year, 2005 and only domestic sales:

Pivot table with the years switched to the row headings and the category, and channels switched to the column headings, the data is in effect flipped around:

So you have a lot of power and variety as to how you can arrange and see your data tables.

Macros and the Visual Basic for Applications Programming Language
Macros in Excel are similar to the other Microsoft Office software packages where you can record a series of functions and activities and then keep them to run with a click and save you a tremendous amount of time.  They are created and used when you have a long series of activities you do often.  The advanced programming language, VBA, (Visual Basic for Applications) is available in Excel and can be used to greatly automate activities.  Macros are written in VBA and can be altered by editing the VBA behind the macros as well.

Excel, Other Microsoft Office Programs, and Formats
Excel spreadsheets can be exported to other Office programs as Word and PowerPoint and Excel can import data from other Office programs as well.  Excel can import data using a large number of formats and can export it's data to many other formats as well in case you are working with other programs.  Spreadsheets can be uploaded to the internet if that is needed.

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